Today’s microphone market is vastly different than it was just a handful of years ago. In a product category that was once reserved mostly for professionals and performers, the digital content creation boom has opened a completely new set of doors in the microphone market. With the advent of mobile audio and smart cellular devices, the increasing portability and power of home computers, and inexpensive access to professional level recording software, we’re seeing an entirely new, and ever expanding, group of customers. Not only is high fidelity audio now much more accessible, it has become a necessity, and ease of use has become a requirement. Digital technology is advancing with each and every passing day, and the growth possibilities are exponential.

In order to take advantage of this new generation of users, one must be in tune with what customers need and how they’re using the products available to them. From product design and manufacturing to identity and branding, the Stray Electrons team provides unparalleled industry expertise and knowledge in these areas. We’re proud of our ability to deliver professional quality audio to a diverse customer base in a growing sonic and social landscape.