Skipper Wise


With 45+ years as an entrepreneur, recording artist, and engineer, Skipper has led the way in creating cutting-edge microphones and audio products for studios, musicians, and consumers. Co-founding Blue Microphones in 1995, he changed the audio landscape with innovative designs, including over 30 patents and trademarks, paving the way for a new generation of recording tools, including the groundbreaking Snowball & Yeti USB mics for Blue. Skipper also developed the Neat Microphones brand for Turtle Beach, and now brings his knowledge, passion, and legacy of microphone design to Stray Electrons.

Martins Saulespurens

Director, R&D

An renowned audio and electrical engineer from Riga, Latvia, Martins has pioneered the development of modern microphone and audio technology with decades of innovative concepts, research and technical design. Co-founding Blue Microphones in 1995, Martins created some of the most respected professional microphones in the industry, spearheading the idea that professional quality microphone products could be produced in an accessible package for today’s digital recording environments. He continued applying his technological innovations with the Neat Microphones brand, and now carries on this knowledge and expertise with the Stray Electrons team.

Ken Niles

Creative Director

As the Creative Director for Blue Microphones from its infancy, Ken was responsible for the iconic branding and visual face that helped Blue go from a small boutique start-up to an audio industry leader. Continuing in this position with the Neat Microphones brand, he created the identity and marketing for the entire neat family of mics. He has been honored with awards for his clever and emotive package design, and his ability to re-imagine and push the boundaries within traditional audio industry categories makes him an integral and covalent part of the Stray Electrons visual spectrum.