The Stray Electrons universe encompasses the creation and manufacturing of industry-changing recording tools stretching back almost fifty years. From the founding of Blue Microphones and Neat Microphones to the partnering with leading audio and gaming brands, our expertise stretches from creative vision and engineering to manufacturing, branding, and distribution. Our years of working within the industry have resulted in conductive relationships and resources that orbit the globe.

We know more about engineering, designing, and manufacturing iconic, high-quality microphones for studio and home, prosumer and consumer, than practically anyone on the planet. We’ve built industry-leading brands from the ground up. We’ve invented categories. In fact, we’ve changed the way people look at, use, and value quality recording tools, from musicians and recording engineers to podcasters, streamers, gamers, and beyond.

We have our eyes and ears tuned into designing the next wave of innovative microphone products for professionals and consumers alike, and exploring new marketplaces, trends, and advances in technology. Nowhere else in the microphone category will you find a team with the diversity of skills — and knowledge — as Stray Electrons.

We know where sound has been, and where it’s going.